Visiting Schools in the Cuenca…

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 5/3/2008 5:45:00 PM)
It’s something we have been wanting to do for a long time: begin visiting all of the elementary schools in the Cuenca Cangrejal, the river cove in which we live.  Our first school visit has finally happened!  We went to the village of Los Limpios, about a two hour walk from Rio Viejo.


But instead of walking we set our on our motorcycles, myself on one and nurse Sharon Struna on another.  Our receptionist Paula went along as an extra set of hands and loved it so much that she says we must take her every time!  What an incredible day it was for all of us.  Over 130 students waited for us to bring anti-parasite medicine, multivitamins, and a toothbrush for everyone.


We were able to talk to the students about everyday ways they could improve their health and about the hospital in Rio Viejo as well.  Since our visit last week we have had an in-surge of patients from the school in Los Limpios!  It seems they are now aware that we are here and open for service! Our next school visit will be on May 22nd to the neighboring villages of “Quebrada Bonita” and “El Paraiso”.  Our motorcycles will only take us part of the way on that trip–we will have to be met by horses and make the last two hour trek straight up into the mountains.  We will be visiting two schools that day and we can hardly wait!  At long last we are able to implement one of our goals for covering this area with medical care.  Pray that the love of God will shine through bright and clear as we love on the needy and beautiful children of the Cuenca Cangrejal.