First Medical Team of 2013

We have gotten the 2013 season off to a great start with our first medical team from the Jacksonville, Florida area, lead by Douglas Senecal and Kristin Gartner.

With their help we were able to visit 3 villages with medical brigades and administer our health & hygiene program in 4 village schools!

Douglas Senecal and his family of 5 stayed on at the jungle hospital another week. Doug was able to give attention at the hospital’s outpatient clinic while Dr. Martin and Wendy made arrangements to receive our first 40′ container of medical equipment and supplies for the Wunstel Ward! Lauren Senecal and their children were such a blessing by helping us organize our arts and crafts supplies for the village school visits, getting our Jungle Gear Souvenirs ready to sell, and many other organizational projects.

Thanks to all of the group members for their sacrifice to serve with us; you have set the bar high for the rest of the season!

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