Wunstel Ward – One Step Closer

Doug and Mason deGraaf
Doug and Mason deGraaf – OR dream team from Bay Community Church.

This week has brought us one step closer to the vision of opening an inpatient hospital complete with a state of the art operating theater. Thanks to Doug and Mason deGraaf of Bay Community Church, David Sharpless on loan from Instituto El Rey, and our wonderful HHG staff and interns…the electrical work and drop ceiling have been completed in the Wunstel Ward of the Jungle Hospital!!!

What an incredible blessing it is to know that the Body of Christ still comes together – jumping over the hurdles of time off from work, the financial burdens of travel and crossing ministry lines – to carry out Kingdom work. It’s all for His glory!

Now that the construction on the building is complete, we continue to seek God’s favor and provision for the two 40′ sea containers full of hospital equipment and medical supplies to arrive safely in Honduras.

One of these containers, from Project Cure, is actually sitting in port here in Honduras as we wait for paperwork to get it out of customs. Please pray with us that the necessary papers will arrive soon, so we don’t have to pay more in taxes and fees.

It has been an incredible faith adventure watching this grow from a dream into reality. As we think about all those involved in the realization of this dream and what it means to the people of our valley, we can’t help but praise God for His faithfulness!


Wunstel Ward Work Crew
HHG Crew and the deGraaf boys work late to finish the ceiling tiles!