Bay Community Church – Back in Action

BCC group shot 2013

After missing one of our largest medical teams in 2012, Bay Community Church came back to us this year and was better than ever! This team had such a servant’s heart, that even after long days of medical brigades they continued serving by doing dishes, helping prepare for the next meal, and packing medicines for the next brigade and for our pharmacy!

Although their trip was cut short by one day, we packed in more than a week’s worth of patients by extending hours at the village brigades. In just 3 days, we saw over 450 patients in the villages of Rio Viejo, Toncontin, and El Paraiso!

At the end of the trip the team even gave up their night at the beach to help us unload the container from Project Cure! God supplied us with 15 extra sets of hands to move the supplies and equipment out of the container and into the Wunstel Ward.

Below is a video sharing their time of service with us (if you do not see a video, click HERE).