Travels to the U.S.A.

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 11/7/2008 2:35:00 PM)
On August 12th we began our six week journey.  What an adventure it was!  We flew first to Orlando, Florida where we spent a week visiting with family and nearby churches and getting our van ready for the long road ahead…

     Birthday dinner for Martin the night of our arrival.                      Samuel & Rachel performing in Gainesville, FL

Then the miles began adding up as we traveled to visit with Ben & Pam Williams where we updated our video and visited their church in the Gadsden, AL area.  From there we spent time in Cleveland, TN and Fayetteville, TN visiting more friends and more churches.  We left Tennessee on our way to Chicago, IL to interview a medical intern who was interested in working with HHIM.  After an overnight stop in New Albany, Indiana to see missionary friends, we were on our way to Chicago.  It was our first time, and wow, what an extraordinary city it is!!

                Samuel on the streets of Chicago!                                Tony & Sandra Nucaro of Toronto, Canada

We enjoyed our walk around the city with our new intern Allison so much!  She is due to arrive in Honduras on Nov. 14th and we are very excited about having her with us to serve with HHIM for six months!  We all wanted to stay longer, but after only one nights stay we were on  the road again headed for Toronto, Canada.   We spent three wonderful days with Martin’s best friend Tony and his family.  We were able to meet with the Christian High School and the students and teachers who will be spending 8 week in Rio Viejo with us next year.  What an innovative program they have for their high school seniors and juniors allowing them to live in a third-world country for 8 weeks. We can’t wait to have them here with us!

Then it was straight to Atlanta, GA – 18 hours of driving from Toronto!  But it was so worth it!  The Spencer  family welcomed us into their home and church (Life Church International).  We had the most awesome time with them and at their church.  They even took us to our first professional baseball game!  After a big cookout we went home with the Moore’s and enjoyed  a time of riding dirt bikes.  I can tell you that this was easily the best part of the entire trip for Samuel!  He said it was even better than Disney World! ha/  I wish you could have seen little Rachel riding trails and speeding past on her motorcycle!  It all came to an end too soon for all of us.

   At the Braves game with friends!                   Look at Rachel ride!               Container packed up and ready to go!

Next we were on our way to Alabama where we visited with Wendy’s family and some of our wonderful home churches.  We worked on the container full of equipment, making the inventory a bit more detailed and filling that container to the very brim!  We can’t fit another thing in there and it’s ready to ship!  Now we just have to wait for the rains to subside a little so we can get it up this muddy dirt road.

We left Alabama headed to Baton Rouge, LA just days after a hurricane had passed through.  Friends were nice enough to host us and even have a party in the midst of trees down and electricity out.  We were also able to meet with another new intern who is coming to Honduras on Nov. 14th, Heather from Healing Place Church.  She will be with us for 10 months and helping us with so many aspects of the ministry.  Too many to list, and we can’t wait for her to get here to begin on them!   We finally made our way back to Florida where we did the last minute mad packing and jumped back on a plane headed home to Honduras.  So many ideas swimming around in our heads, so much hope in our hearts, and lots of wonderful memories to enjoy for months to come.
It was a whirlwind of a trip, so many miles traveled, so many words spoken.  It was so incredible!  And though we are all happy to be back home in Rio Viejo, we can’t wait to do it all again one day soon.  I know with the hospital seeing more and more patients we will not be able to take a six week trip again, but we hope to make several shorter trips each year.    There were so many people we didn’t get to see on this trip,and to those of you we missed, we are so sorry that time didn’t permit us to make it your way this time.   Maybe you’ll just have to come and see us here.    You are so very welcome to come!