Our Jungle Hospital Babies

God saw it fitting to include us in His plan to bring Wendy Yamileth Portillo into the world on January 15, 2011. Many of you remember the story of that scared young mom, who went into labor during a 3 day rainstorm that washed out large sections of our dirt road…the only way into the city for a hospital delivery.  Once the rains quieted, she and her husband sought help from our hospital, and eight hours later the first baby was born in Exam Room No. 2 of the Jungle Hospital.

wendy delivery picture

Delivery Team Baby Wendy
Delivery Team at the Jungle Hospital

We keep in touch with Little Wendy and we thought that you might like to see the little girl she is growing up to be. At two and a half years old she is full of smiles and is not the least bit shy. She loves coming to see her Jungle Hospital Family, and her Tia Wendy, whom she is named after.

Baby Wendy 2.5 yrs old.
Baby Wendy 2.5 yrs old.

Since before Baby Wendy was born in 2011, we have been striving to open the doors of our Labor and Delivery Ward at the Jungle Hospital. The major portion of our out-patient consults involve prenatal and postnatal care, and so many of the women want to have their deliveries at our facility. We have not officially been able to open the doors for the women in our area to have safe hospital deliveries, right in their own community, but we were able to be a part of bringing missionary baby Ana Smoak into this world, on July 12, 2012! Below is a picture of our Jungle Hospital Babies together in the hospital waiting area.

Our Jungle Babies: Ana Smoak and Wendy Portillo both born at the Jungle Hospital in Rio Viejo!
Our Jungle Babies: Ana Smoak and Wendy Portillo both born at the Jungle Hospital in Rio Viejo!

We are looking forward to the day we are officially certified as a labor and delivery facility and can finally say “YES!” to all of the women who want to deliver their children at the Jungle Hospital. We have one final container of supplies to receive, from Samaritan’s Purse, and then we will know where we stand in terms of the equipment and supplies needed to begin this next phase of our ministry. Please continue to pray with us for the delivery of that container, so that we will have what we need to say “YES!”

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