Bay Community Church Keeps on Giving

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 5/31/2009 3:20:00 PM)
Bay Community Church came to serve with us in March. They brought an all-star medical team who saw over 500 patients in 4 different villages and a 5-star cooking team who cooked at each brigade and no one left without a full belly! We had an incredible time with old friends and new friends and we can’t wait to see them again!
Giving medical attention in the village of Los Limpios.       Ron and Rob manning their stations at the pot.
God is giving us the opportunity to see some sooner than others. Rani Richardson is a nurse that served with us on the medical trip in March, and she is back! Rani is going to be our nurse at the clinic for the next year and we are so grateful for her obedience to God’s call. Our current nurse, Sharon, is returning to the States in June and without Rani’s obedience we would have been left without a nurse.
                                                                                    Rani, Dr. Teresa and Jerry, their translator.
Another blessing from Bay Community is the arrival of our old friends, David & Cindy Sharpless. They visited us for Christmas last year and have returned to help out at the school across the street for a few months. Cindy is an ESL teacher and David is an electritian and they are interested in coming alongside Earl and Sharon Washburn who are responsible for Isntituto El Rey…although we do have a growing list of things for Dave to do while he is here!
Bay Community is an incredible church that keeps on giving to our ministry. Thank you Pastor Jerry, for your commitment to us and for keeping our ministry before your church. Your dedication to the ministry and the people of Honduras is reflected in your attitude of giving and your spirit of generosity. You make it possible for us to reach farther and work harder than ever before. Our capacity is increasing not only because you send us help, but because you send us the best of your flock.
                                                                  The whole gang on the hike to the village of Los Limpios.