Healing Place Church Makes Honduras a Place of Healing

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 6/2/2009 3:33:00 PM)

What an incredible week! With three teams in one, HPC really served it up Jesus style. Joe and Cheri Leblanc brought an all star medical and dental team, along with Cooking for Christ and the Healing Place School of Ministry interns. We had an incredible turnout at the medical and dental brigades, and CFC was there to make sure no one went hungry during the long wait to be seen by a doctor. The HPSM interns painted the entire second floor veranda, made the world come alive with a first class world map mural, and the guys hit it hard outside with the construction crew to fence in the hospital perimeter.

The dorm was overflowing with people and the village was overflowing with prayer, as the whole group put on their spiritual armor and headed out to battle. In the middle of the trip the medical, dental and cooking teams went to the village of Las Minas for the first brigade in history. The people were blown away by their kindness as we were blown away by the presence of the Lord. This is the team that experienced the earthquake in the middle of the night, while in their tents and hammocks. Despite the rough conditions and the short night of sleep they continued to give everything they had and more.


Their expectant prayers and passionate cries to God for healing were heard and answered. God’s presence was felt by everyone in Las Minas, and His glory was seen by those who were at the brigade that day. Four people were divinely healed after prayer for their conditions. A woman was healed of a hernia, a man was healed of a broken rib, a woman’s blood pressure dropped 30 points, and a baby who was carried into the clinic with cerebral palsy walked out into a new life full of hope. Others felt the love of Christ as they accepted Jesus as their savior and countless still received medical and dental attention free of charge. Everyone, including the group was ministered to by the cooking team, who kept the food, Florida water and coffee flowing.
This is an incredible testimony of the power of unhindered and unabashed prayers to a God who hears and answers. We were challenged and stretched by HPC, and we hope to carry this momentum into the summer season. We expect big things from God this year as He continues to draw people to Himself.
Thank you Pastor Dino for pastoring a church that cares so much for the lost and forgotten in this world. Their names will be remembered by the One who created them, and we hope to see many more written in the Book of Life before He calls us home. We were so encouraged by this team and we can’t wait to have them back again next year.


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