Big Lake Heights 2013

During the first week of August, Big Lake Heights Church of God brought an energetic diverse team of people to serve with the Jungle Hospital. This was our last team of the summer season and they made a huge impact in the lives of our patients, as well as the students and teachers of the Rio Viejo Elementary school.

Pastor and Nurse Practitioner, Eric McCraney continues to introduce his congregation to missions and challenges them year after year to trust in God to provide the finances and favor they need to make the missions trip possible. This year he took that a step farther by inviting one of his nurse practitioner students to attend the trip and serve alongside Dr. Martin and our medical staff at the Jungle Hospital.

The educational portion of the team brought such a heart to serve and worked hard every day to put the finishing touches on our summer long project of renovating the Rio Viejo Elementary School. Their passion and energy were necessary to finish the last classroom of the rather ambitious project of painting and decorating 3 classrooms along with the outside of the school building.

Every year we are amazed at the caliber of people God sends to help carry forth the vision he has given us to bring health, hope and healing to people of the Third World. We are truly blessed by every volunteer who comes to the Jungle Hospital and appreciate the personal sacrifices they make in order to serve with us. We thank God for them and continually pray that they will be blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

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We feel that the 2013 season of mission teams was a huge success, stay tuned for the reveal of our 2013 Update Video.