Life in Rio Viejo

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 8/2/2006 11:15:00 AM)
What a great way to keep in touch with you all and update you on life in the mountains!  And what an incredible first month it has been for us.  So many changes, so many adventures!  Rachel has kept a running list of all the “creatures” we have found in our new home, but top on the list must be the poisonous snake found in the hallway.  What a stir that caused in the Williams home! ha/  We quickly found a way to block the entrances so snakes could no longer just crawl under the door and come inside with us.  But believe me when I say we never walk around bare-foot in our house anymore…Martin continues  his weekly trips to Las Minas for his Social Service duties.  Today marks the 3 month countdown until he is finished!  He is loving his weekend stays in Rio Viejo and says he finally feels like he is “home” after almost 7 years of medical school.   He is more relaxed and peaceful than I’ve seen him in years.The kids are doing great and adjusting better than I ever imagined.  Samuel has been doing yard work, though I think I hear the BB Gun being shot much more than I hear the rake moving sometimes.    Rachel has been helping me to get things in order and taking care of five baby kittens born the week we moved in.  She has named them all and found homes for all but one now.  Yesterday we bought her a mosquito net for her bed and she says she will sleep much better at night now!  As I told you, she keeps track of all the critters we have found, and the list is much too long for comfort for my city girl.  As if scorpions,  tarantulas, and bats were not enough, the snake sent her over the edge! ha/As for me, I am content.  I feel a peace in Rio Viejo that is beyond description.  It’s that peace you feel when you know you are in the right place at the right time doing what God has created you for.  Though housekeeping and clinic finishing seem to be the order of the day at this moment, it is wonderful to be doing it.  My heart is still full of joy and I am so thankful that God has finally brought us “home”, as Martin would say.    Rio Viejo is now home to us.  I just love saying that. Wendy