Opening Season with Seacoast

Our first official group of the season came to us from Seacoast Church West Campus in Charleston, South Carolina. We hosted a small dental and construction group from their church last September and we were so excited to have them back only 5 months later!
Stacey, Pat, Ron, Libby and Geri
Pastor Ron Hamilton returned with his wife Libby and nurse/dental assistant Stacey, along with 2 nurses Geri and Pat. With their help we were able to see 90 dental patients in 3 different villages. They provided 101 extractions, 82 fillings, and 23 cleanings to the people of our area. Pastor Ron was the first dentist to provide fillings last year and he definitely raised the standard of care by leaving us the necessary equipment to provide restorative care to the patients who come to our dental clinics!
Pastor Ron providing restorative work. Hard at work in our Rio Viejo dental room!

The nurses Pat and Geri helped serve patients in our clinic and helped Michael and Rani with a huge inventory project…counting all the donated medicines from last year, and bringing our hospital inventory up to date!
Geri, Pat, Libby, Rani and Michael counting meds!

Pat checking blood glucose in the clinic!
We also had the privilege of partnering with another local ministry, Give Hope 2 Kids. We split the Seacoast team between our two ministries for an incredible experience and then got the 2 parts of the team together a couple of times during the week. We were able to come together to do hygiene education in some of the village schools.
What a great way to open the 2010 season, and we can’t wait to host another group from Seacoast Church next year! Thank you Pastor Ron and Mrs. Libby for bringing such a wonderful group to serve with us.
The entire Seacoast Group!

Maybe we will start a tradition of opening every season with Seacoast!

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