Ten Thousand People in Two Thousand and Ten

Numbers are important. God devoted an entire book of the Bible to numbers, showing us that He takes an account of things…showing us that he cares enough to count…that He truly misses the one that is missing.

Last week we hosted a medical team from Bay Community Church in Alabama, along with Dr. John Tucher from Arizona. We held 4 brigades in 4 different villages of our river cove, covering 309 people with medical care and giving them medicine that will change their lives. We visited 3 schools, educating 269 students about the importance of basic hygiene, and equipping them with the supplies they needed to make a difference in their homes. In 4 days we touched 578 lives with the love of Christ.


Ten volunteers may seem like a drop in the bucket, but with God’s grace and favor they were actually the start of a ripple that will continue to move the water long after they are back at home. Thank you for your hearts to serve. Thank you for the laughter that still rings in the dining room. Thank you for the investment that you made into our patients, and the love that you shared with some of God’s favorite people.

With your help we are closer to reaching this year’s goal of 10,000 intentional connections with the people in our area. We are closer to our goal of bringing the light of Christ into the homes of 10,000 Hondurans…10,000 of the forgotten ones…10,000 of God’s favorites… ten thousand people in two thousand and ten.


We won’t forget you, and we hope that you won’t forget us. We pray that the seeds planted in your hearts will grow roots that connect you right back to us. We pray that the beats of the hearts you listened to this week would set the rhythm of your life.

And most of all…we pray that you would come back to us real soon!