Winter Highlights

The month of January has flown by, and the HHGlobal Staff is preparing to receive our first medical team on February 15th! Before we dive into the excitement and productivity of teams, we wanted to highlight some awesome things that have happened during the months of December and January.

While most of our volunteer staff were stateside celebrating Christmas with their families, we received the long awaited and prayed for container from Samaritan’s Purse. The entire process of shipping and receiving of this container was a test of faith and perseverance. All of the long hours of phone calls to lawyers and port authorities, traveling all over the country to have papers signed and sealed, and the desperate prayers asking for favor and peace now make us shudder anytime we hear the words “receive a container.” The events culminated in the sheer miracle of the container driving up the treacherous and muddy road right after one of the worst rainstorms of the season. We breathed a huge sigh of relief once the container was unloaded at the hospital, and collapsed in gratefulness for the mercy that God had shown us.

SP Container 2014

We now have loads of supplies and equipment to organize, and we are already making donations of materials to the regional hospitals and other organizations and ministries in need. We are indeed blessed to be a blessing!

Crila Donation 2014

We were also able to keep the empty container and have doubled our medical and ministry storage area! We hope to connect the two buildings this summer, as well as add insulation and an air conditioning unit to combat the high temperatures.

We also had a small group of volunteers, led by Dr. David Yoon, come to the Jungle Hospital during the second week of January to upgrade our dental unit. This group previously donated and shipped dental chairs, vacuum pumps, drills, and all of the other necessary equipment to make our dental unit ready to give fillings to our patients. We now have a fully equipped 4 chair dental ward ready for our summer groups! We are very excited about being able to offer our patients restorative dental work on top of the pain relief we currently offer by extracting decayed teeth.

2014 dental upgrade before and after

If the start of the year is any indication of how the rest of this year will go…we are in for a wild ride! We truly believe that we will Behold the Lord this year in ways that we have never seen before!