Across the Globe

Group Shot on Proch

On February 15th, 2014 the Jungle Hospital welcomed its first official medical team of the year! Our staff worked tirelessly to prepare the dormitory, hospital and grounds to make the best possible first impression. Our new intern, James Mullen, got a big taste of what it is like to prepare for a team and did a great job through all of the long hours and hard work. We made a few much needed  improvements to the dormitory facilities, recovered some of the furniture, and updated the hammock chairs. A fer changes here and there, a lot of elbow grease and a few updates to the kitchen really went a long way in making the dormitory more efficient and inviting for groups.

bus 1

Dr. Martin and Wendy picked the team up in the Jungle Bus and brought them to Rio Viejo in style. The team hit the ground running and set the bar high for all of the teams this year. They really gave it all to their patients, but then continued to serve as they returned to the dorm by helping our staff with mealtime prep and general clean up. Exceptional care of over 500 patients, playing hard with kids during four brigades, administering vitamins and anti-parasitic medication to over 300 students filled the daylight hours. Sorting of ministry supplies, a bit of river time, late night pill packing and meaningful times of sharing filled the evenings.



We were all enriched by God’s goodness this week. Our staff is still full of the energy that the team brought to us. We were definitely sad to say goodbye to the team from Across the Globe, but we know that they will be back! Here is a short video sharing some of the highlights of the week, if you do not see a video below, click here.