Whistle While you Work…

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 9/20/2007 4:14:00 PM)
Greetings from Rio Viejo!  I am still so amazed that we can write e-mails and blogs from here!  And our little cell phone with the big antenna is working great too.  Aaahhhhh, back into the land of communication, it feels great. 

Well, things are progressing right along.  The dormitory foundation will be finished in another week and then we will begin laying blocks.  The pharmacy is inventoried and almost in order.  Leslie continues to do finishing work on the building and it is looking better each day.  There are lots of jobs and always plenty to do around here.  I thought I should put a few photos showing everyone hard at work, and mostly whistling, though trash burning doesn’t make Samuel whistle too much. ha/

It’s a fun place to be and I wish more of you were here doing it with us.  We look forward to seeing many friends in November for the Dedication Ceremony on the 9th.  Already we’ve received many emails with flight schedules.  We are making plans and having invitations printed next week for our guests & officials from Honduras who will attend.  It’s coming together, but there is so much more to do.  Keep us in your prayers as we try to get it all done in the next six weeks!

Thanks for all your emails and comments, it’s so great to know that you’re reading the blog!  We just finished a newsletter that we are trying to get out via the old-fashioned mail.  So if you’re on our mailing list, be looking for it in the next week or so in your mailbox.  Thanks so much for all your prayers and your support!  We love what we’re doing and we’re so glad that God created us for such a work as this.

Wendy & family


Not just a doctor, sometimes a mechanic too!             Samuel, the master trash burner… anything that
                                                                                       involves fire and a machete is okay with him!


    Pat & Wendy helping set up the pharmacy.               Rachel hard at work in 6th Grade!

And last, but not least, Leslie on snake patrol… Look what he found outside the kitchen door!!   Please don’t cancel your trip to Honduras, it’s not a poisonous snake, just a small boa-constrictor.