Dorm Daze

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 4/19/2009 10:16:00 AM)

Painting in the girls dorm.                   

      Interns Allison and Heather painting the girls dorm.                       Arrival of our brand new appliances!

The beginning of 2009 was a blur, as things seemed to be happening at warp speed around us. We only had one goal…get the dorm ready for our first group of the season, Life Church International. We couldn’t wait to see their faces as they walked into the finished building that was only a two-story skeleton the last time they were here.
We worked tirelessly with the interns to paint the downstairs living area of the dorm, seal the concrete floors, assemble the dining room tables, and install all of the appliances. Unfortunately we ran out of time and the guys from Atlanta had to move in their own bunk beds, put on their sheets, and then get out of the way while the carpenter attached the ladders for the top bunks. The team had a great attitude and literally hit the ground running!

Group working outside.           

   Painting the outside ironwork and shelving units.            Myrna, Karen & Peggy paint our home-school room.

This set the pace for the entire trip and the group was integral in putting the finishing touches on the dorm, as well as working out all of the kinks. They painted, varnished, hung the kitchen cabinets, tested the plumbing and the hot-water heatersJ, mixed cement for a new back porch, cut pills, counted vitamins, sorted baby clothes, packaged toothbrushes, and so much more. The team even had time to do a make-over on Sam and Rachel’s bedrooms and teach a hygiene class at 3 village schools. We had amazing times of group worship lead by Brother Doyle King, followed by incredible devotions brought by various team members. 

School Visit

         Teaching a hygiene class at a village school.                 Life Church International on thier last day with us.

Without the help of the team from Life Church International and our interns we wouldn’t have been ready to welcome the busy season ahead. We felt the spirit of God moving in the group and we pray that their lives were truly changed by their time in Honduras.