Raising the Roof

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 8/25/2008 2:37:00 PM)
For almost three months our dormitory building sat waiting for a roof. I would get up every morning and pray to the Lord that He would provide the design, the funds and the volunteers to accomplish the task. At the time the challenge was insurmountable.

Please understand that in the Third World, and Honduras is a third world country for sure, there are so many unfinished buildings. Many organizations, churches, and businesses start projects and because economies are so unstable circumstances lend themselves to  unfinished buildings. We did not want to be one of  these. Do not want to be one now.

But God has plans and it is He who is in control. Our petitions do not fall on deaf ears nor are God’s hands crippled in anyway. In comes Steve and wife Jan Grennell along with Archie, Carl and Kenny; all from southwest Florida.  The funds for the roof materials arrived and in less than 5 days these men, laboring in jungle heat and summer sun, were able to raise the roof on our dormitory building!!  Isn’t God great?!

    Kenny dangling almost 30′ in the air!                 When there’s no other way, tie him to a rope and hold on!

    Our heroes: Kenny, Archie, Carl, Jan & Steve                   THE DORM with a ROOF! Praise the Lord!

Within 15 days we had our roof , metal security doors & windows and wooden doors were installed. David & Cindy Sharpless came from Daphne, AL and completed wiring for electricity and installing lights on the first floor.  Along with these, we had an outdoor patio of exposed river rocks in cement finished by the group from London, England and FAYE ministries.  Meanwhile patient care continued and Eric McCraney, a pastor and nurse practitioner from Mobile, AL came to visit with his wife Debbie and daughter Abigail for a week.  It was a month full of activities!

 The stone floor created by F.A.Y.E.’s London group          BCC’s Dave & Cindy Sharpless turning on the lights!

Needless to say our dormitory looks so beautiful. We hope that it will serve to house many visiting doctors and nurses and indeed other medical personnel that will visit our rural establishment in the near future. It is a two story building so that the bottom floor may host teams of up to 20 people with dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. The second story is for longer stays with a complete suite, and two more bedrooms that share a bathroom.

Eric & Debbie McCraney visit us!       New friends from London, England     Baptism service with F.A.Y.E. Group

We are so excited at all that God has done in Rio Viejo during the past few months and are thrilled to share these testimonies and pictures with you today!