Breath of Fresh Air

We were starting to think that all of our remaining summer teams were going to cancel due to the political unrest in our country, but God gave us a breath of fresh air brought by a team from Seacoast Church in South Carolina. Although the team only consisted of 6 people, the dining room of the dorm was once again filled with laughter and love.

Pastor Ron Hamilton, who is also a dentist, came with Dr. Mike Sabback and his wife Jeanne, Stacey the nurse – who is now a Honduran certified dental assistant , and our construction dream team…Chuck and Charlie. What an incredible week of ministry. Our thirsty spirits were quenched with unabandoned worship services and what could only be described as family time.

We really did hate to see them go, and the only reason we didn’t lose their passports is because they bought their return tickets before they even left the country to head home! Thank you so much for your servant hearts, and the joy you brought to us in a dry time! We can’t wait to see you again next year!