Jose’s Gift

We met Jose’ Lopez and his mother, Maria, at a brigade in their village almost a year ago. Jose’ was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, but had never been able to take medicine to help with his seizures. Thanks to the team sent from Bay Community Church, Jose’ took his first anti-seizure medicine in March of 2009.
Kevin puts Jose in his chair for the first time.
Jose’ found a special place in the hearts and minds of everyone at the brigade that day. So much so, that the group decided to adopt Jose’ in order to provide the medication he needs daily to control his seizures. Then, David and Iris Fulton took on the project of getting a custom made all-terrain wheelchair specifically designed for Jose’ and his medical conditions.
Dr. Martin explaining how to operate the chair, and Kevin fitting it to Jose.
After a year of hoping and waiting we were finally able to give Jose’ a wonderful gift, and have it fitted to his body perfectly by Kevin Lalonde, a visiting physical therapist, and our nurse Michael Oliver.
Daniel Lalonde giving Jose’ a flower.

Maria putting special braces on Jose’s ankles.

Our interns from Bay Community Church got to be a part of the day.
That brigade was almost a year ago, and Jose’ and his mother have been coming to the clinic for regular monthly check-ups. We have seen great progress in his condition, he is gaining weight, and his mother is all smiles when she brings him to see the doctor. What an incredible opportunity to bring the gift of hope to Maria and her son. Thank you Bay Community Church for making this possible!

Dr. Martin and Wendy with the family.
Look at them go!

Loading Jose’ up on the bus.