Jubilee Church: Team Trifecta

We finished off the month of May and started June with a bang. A team from Jubilee Church in Daphne, AL returned for the 2nd year in a row and brought a trifecta medical, construction, and education team! We ran hard all week with our 3 ministry areas functioning at full capacity!
The medical team saw patients during our regular clinic hours on Monday and Tuesday. The education team went out to 4 village schools and delivered an amazing health program. The construction team added a much needed roof onto the front porch of the dorm increasing our living and dining area, they added a roof over our back porch to help keep the rain out of the back door and shade our scrub sink, and they roofed a new gazebo which will be a great area for our teams to relax.
Then the whole team worked together on Wednesday and adopted a school in the village of Los Limpios. We remodeled & repaired the kindergarten, and repainted the 5th & 6th grade classroom. We repainted all of the chalk boards in the school and the team brought tons of school supplies for the teachers. They also brought backpacks full of supplies for all 25 of the kindergarten kids!
All systems were firing at full speed, and it was amazing to see the progress around us. Jubilee was the 5th of 6 straight teams this summer, and not only did they accomplish much in the physical, they encouraged us spiritually and helped refill our cups for the ministry that lies ahead.
Here is a photo journal of the last week. There are a ton of pictures, but it was hard to pick from all of the incredible shots! We wanted you to be there with us as we dedicated the kindergarten, handed out book bags, cared for the patients and built the roofs…but these pictures will do the next best thing!

The Medical Team
The Education Team
The Dorm Before
The Dorm After
The Gazebo
School Project: Los Limpios Remodel
Hiking to the School
The Kindergarten Before
Dedication Ceremony
The Kindergarten After
The kids and their teacher
Thank you Jubilee Church for making such an incredible week possible!