Miracles Abound

A small group in number but big in spirit, came to us from Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, TN. God was definitely with this team as they were able to accomplish a supernatural amount of work in just one week.
Step 1: Unload and clean out the mildew infested 40″ container.

Step 2: Build and install metal shelving inside of the 120 degree metal hot-box.
Step 3: Clean off the equipment and sort the supplies.
Step 4: Reload the 40″ container and turn it into a medical warehouse. 
Step 5: Since they were so ahead of schedule they built more shelves, installed everything imaginable, organized scrubs, PT equipment and everything in between.  
Step 6: Step back and look at what God did.
We even managed to squeeze in a school project and hike to Paraiso to finish up painting the trim at the elementary school. The team played games with the kids and had an incredible day of service and involvement with the community.
We are so grateful for God’s grace and protection. We give Him all of the glory for an incredible week…we absolutely know that we couldn’t have done it without Him!