Love from Loxley

This past July we had a team from the Loxley Church of God, from Wendy’s hometown of Loxley, Alabama. It was an incredible team composed of the core youth in Pastor George’s youth group. From the start we could tell that this group was different. They all had incredible testimonies of God’s saving grace in their lives, and you could tell that their spirits were full to overflowing with love ready to be shared. 
Team Loxley crammed in the back of a cattle truck!

Pastor George, a Power Team member, came prepared with incredible feats of natural strength, and then shared a powerful message about how God’s supernatural strength can manifest in our lives. The students were amazed by his testimony, his demonstrations, and they could really tell that he wanted them to succeed. It was a very special week for the kids and for the team. Everywhere you looked you would see the youth of America loving on the youth of Honduras…and THAT is powerful.
Pastor George inflating a hot water bottle until it explodes.

They painted a house, visited 4 schools with education and an innovative presentation of the Gospel, they hiked out to a remote village to love on the children and teachers, they rode in the back of cattle trucks and pick ups all week long, and they loved every second of it! This team has made its mark on Honduras and will always be in the heart of HHG.  


Sharing the Gospel message through songs and service. This group had such HEART!

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