FAYE Ministries…At it Again

Our last group of the season came all the way from England! FAYE Ministries graced us again by bringing a team to help us take the first step toward changing the inside of the hospital from our home into a functioning inpatient facility. 
Dr. Martin with some of the painting crew!
After the team arrived we took them on a tour of the facilities. Even though the project of revamping the interior of the hospital was already on the books, the team took it upon themselves to start the project of tiling the floors in our home. Their team leader, Mark Bonam, went into the city to purchase the tools they would need to get the job done.
The freshly painted inpatient facility.
Tim “the tile-man” Gilkinson working in our home.
Even with all of the work on their plate, they still managed to squeeze in a little fun in the dorm. We throughly enjoyed spending time with our old friends and making new ones from across the Pond

We hope there will be more opportunities to serve together again in the future!