Sweet as Candy

As we prepare for all of the things God has for us in 2011, we know that He is committed to the people of Honduras. He continues to show that by the resources He sends our way, one of those being Human Resources.  We believe that He is building a dream team, and the first member of the year is Mrs. Candy Beebe, RN.

We have been operating the clinic without a Registered Nurse for the past few months, and we felt pressed to reach out for help. We sent out a few distress calls and one was answered by Mrs. Candy. She is not new to Honduras, in fact, she and her husband lived in a town about 2 hours from Rio Viejo and helped get another medical/dental clinic off the ground. So she is just the person for the job!



She arrived right in the middle of that rainstorm we had this past week, and we are so glad she made it to the hospital safely! If you missed our last blog entry you can scroll down or click right HERE to watch the video of the storm and the first delivery at the Jungle Hospital!!