A Grant Adventure



We have wanted to cross over into the world of grant funding for some time now, but never found the right opportunity. We have been looking for something that fits our goals as an organization and will support us in completing those goals. A few weeks ago, we hosted a team from Fellowship Church, and among the group members was a woman named Amy Wurzer. Amy had an immediate connection with HHGlobal, and before she left she said that she would love to go back to the States and look for grants that might fit HHGlobal’s goals. She wanted to stay connected with our ministry, and because she knew how to look for, and write grants, she felt that was the best way she could help.

So she did just that! A few weeks later we found ourselves in the throws of applying for our first grant. We immediately sent the information Amy sent us to our strategic planner, Mrs. Claudia Berry, and her team at HPC. They looked over the grant; she said that it was a fit for our ministry and we should go for it!!

So with the help of Amy Wurzer from Wisconsin, Mrs. Claudia and her team in Louisiana, the Secretary of Health in Honduras, The Director of Hospital Atlantida in La Ceiba,  Pastor Jerry Taylor from Bay Community Church in Alabama, Hugh Carver from Men and Women of Action in Tennessee, Paula Solis from the village of El Naranjo, and Pastor Dino Rizzo from Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana we applied for our first grant on Thursday May 5, 2011!

Please pray with us for God’s favor to be on us through this application process. This grant focuses on prenatal and postpartum care, and would allow us to embark on a huge education campaign in our area, including prenatal classes for new moms, trainings for first responders to cover each village, education of local midwives in our area, and a complete census of the population of our mountain cove! The name of the grant is The Grand Challenge, and it will be funded by USAID among other backers.

We are all thrilled at the prospect of this grant, and the abilities it will afford us. We can’t thank God enough for pulling together such an amazing team to get this application submitted. He truly does own cattle on a thousand hills, and we are in awe of His provision.

A special thanks to all who helped make this possible! Please pray with us, and we will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything!


To learn more about the grant visit the website at www.savinglivesatbirth.net.

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