Need a Little TLC

The Life Church from Memphis, TN blessed us with the most incredible group of hard working, hard worshiping, people we have ever met! It was a great mix of people, so much so, that we know it was a God-Ordained group!

We were overwhelmed by His spirit every day, whether we were working in the clinic or serving in the community. He sent us exactly the type of people we needed to get the job done, but also to encourage our family and staff.

We were able to hold a regular clinic week in the midst of doing inventory on donated medical supplies and remodeling a kindergarten classroom that is a 30 minute hike off the main road.

We know that our team was blessed to have them with us and we can say the same thing for the community of El Paraiso. They now have a wonderful learning environment for the future leaders of their village!

Please take a few minutes to remember what was accomplished during the week of May 21-28, 2001. We will never forget the TLC bunch…and we will need our yearly dose of Tender Loving Care from The Life Church!