Hip Surgery Round 2

This December, Dr. Martin returned for his second hip replacement surgery. With this round, his recovery was even more miraculously quick than last’s year’s and we could not be more grateful! We give special thanks to Dr. Gavan Duffy for performing this surgery for the second time with Martin. His family has been so much more than just kind to us and we are so thankful that we have come to know them over these past few years. This year he and his wife Orla provided a beautiful apartment for us to live in during the recovery process.  We are so grateful for their love and hospitality.  Last year we were welcomed into the home of our friends, Dawn & Chunky Miller, and this year the Duffy’s took such wonderful care of our family.  God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends in Jacksonville!
We are so very grateful to Project Walk USA for covering all the expenses for the surgery and P.T., what an incredible experience all around.  St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital in Jacksonville, FL treated us with such kindness and care, along with some of the best caregivers we have ever met.  Some of the nurses and staff are even planning to visit us in Honduras next year!

IMG_0664               IMG_0668                IMG_0665                IMG_0666


*Writing with an update from August, Dr. Martin has recovered completely and has even taken to riding a motorcycle for the first time in years! We are so thankful for the people who have made this blessing possible for us.