Lincoln Memorial University

In the first week of April, we had first-time visitors from Lincoln Memorial University. During their spring break, these PA students came down to spend their week serving the people of Honduras on the mission field. For the week, they did medical brigades often combined with blitz school visits before consult began. After arriving on Saturday and traveling to Rio Viejo, then having a prep day on Sunday, we had our first round of medical consult on Monday here in Rio Viejo. Tuesday included a combo day of school visit before medical brigade held in the village of Las Mangas. On Wednesday, we tackled the 3 hour hike to La Lucha in hip-deep mud that several of the students and even our staff ended up covered in by the time we trekked through the muddy mess that the jungle rains had caused! Though not technically a school blitz, the students of the school in La Lucha came to our medical brigade and were seen there too. Our last brigade day was in El Pital, where we saw the kindergarten, elementary, and high school before we began medical consult in the village health center.


In total, we saw 289 patients with our PA students, visited 324 school kids, and traveled to 4 different villages during their week-long stay. In their first visit here, Lincoln Memorial students truly impressed us with their willingness to serve and surrender their spring break to love on the people of Honduras with us. We hope to see students like these visit us more often and serve alongside us in medical missions!


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