Destiny Church 2016

Even with the fact that the team from Destiny Church was only five people, they still brought so much refreshing energy with them this April 23 through April 30! Having had so many teams from Destiny Church over the years, we had several team members who are old friends of ours come down. With that familiarity, it made the team easily flow with the habits of our ministry. After a travel day on Saturday and a prep day on Sunday, we did medical consult on Monday and Tuesday in the Jungle Hospital. On Wednesday, we went on an excursion to Las Minas: a village about 4 hours drive away which is where Dr. Martin spent his year of social service after medical school. Still attached to this village, we make a habit to visit roughly once a month to tend especially to our chronic care patients.


Our visitors with Destiny Church were very excited to go visit Las Minas overnight and had a blast with the little things, such as sleeping in hammocks in the tiny health center there and eating delicious food prepared by our friends in the village itself. Though a smaller team, their enthusiasm was contagious and their joy in serving others was palpable in every patient consult. By the end of the week, they saw 133 patients combining Rio Viejo patients and Las Minas patients. We love the people from Destiny Church and had a blast serving alongside this energizing team!


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