Lee University


This June, we had Lee University’s medical team arrive and stay with us for two weeks. They’ve returned to us for several years now and we always welcome the eager students who come willing to learn and experience missions during their summer vacation. For the first time, our friend Dr. Trey Melker was present for the student learning and ended up teaching many of the students how to give consult and approach Third World medicine. During their extended stay, we had 8 medical brigades in 7 different villages. By the end of their stay, these young students had their duties down to an exact science! In the middle of their brigade schedule, we had a project day in which we helped paint the Health Center in the village of Yaruca as a gift to them as they were trying to clean things up nicely for their upcoming inspection. The weekend before they left, we sent them down to the city to experience some fun and see the beauty of Honduras by letting them choose between zip-lining or snorkeling off the coast of Cayos Cochinos. On their last day before departure, they visited the high school Instituto El Rey across the street to view the ministry there and help teach English classes for the day.
On the whole, this team was a great visit from Lee University, full of students that were brimming with potential and intelligence. After all of our brigades, we saw a total of 500 medical patients. The students and professors alike loved their time here and we can’t wait to see what wonderful students they send to us next year!


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