Words from Jack Dyer…

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 11/24/2007 4:18:00 PM)
Inauguration OF THE RIO VIEJO HOSPITAL      9 N0V 2007
We came there to acknowledge the happening of a major event.   It was not something that had come about like a flash of lightning but more like what happens when water drips on a rock; the water always wins if it stays at it long enough.  This is exactly what had happened; Dr. Martin Williams and his wife Wendy had endured.  When they left Gainesville those many years ago they could not have imagined what God would do and it isn’t all being told here.  But on this day formal recognition of a major accomplishment was made.  The Hospital in Rio Viejo, Atlantida Honduras was officially opening for business.  Friends came from all over to share the joy of this day with them.  It rained as usual and the road was a sea of mud but for those who braved the trials it was a blessed time.  There were enough speakers to amply fill the allotted time, each recalling significant events as they remembered them.  Theirs was a futile effort, trying to verbally reconstruct what had brought us here.

Life cannot be reconstructed and condensed into words.   To arrive here lives had been lived, sacrifices made, victories won and horrible defeats suffered. Irreplaceable time was spent, decisions made, resources expended, all for better or for worse.  On this day we stood shoulder to shoulder praising God for His grace and great mercy that had led us to an end of sorts; we were agreeing together that this was “good”.  However, all of us there who had walked the road of life for a while knew that nothing more than a new door had been made and was being opened to new opportunities.  It would lead to more trials, more hills and valleys, victories and defeats more time and resources would be spent and we would all grow older.  The only thing that really mattered was whether what we had done, was doing and would do was for the glory of God.  He must be and will be the final judge.
Matthew 25 describes clearly what we hoped we were doing; we continue to hope we are serving the least of God’s children; the ones who cannot care for themselves.  He tells us that when we serve them we are serving Him.  He is no longer here in a physical body and since we live in the physical realm we cannot heal His wounds; the ones He suffered for us or sooth the pain He feels for us but He has told us that when we care for our fellow humans in their time of need, minister to their suffering and do it in His name we are ministering unto Him.
We have dedicated this place to Him; He will be ministered to here!  This hospital is His and what is done here is done in His Name and for His Glory alone.

Ribbon cutting to officially open the “Dyer Rural Hospital of Rio Viejo” on November 9, 2007

Jack & Shirley Dyer standing in front of the plaque dedicating the hospital in their honor.