At Panera’s mercy.

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 1/7/2008 1:25:00 PM)

Happy New Year, Everybody!
Well we had a Merry Christmas and now we can say our New Year’s celebration was peaceful and safe and amongst family.
We pray that this year be full of blessings for you and your family. It is our sincere desire that God pour out His richest blessings over your household and that His Spirit overwhelm you wherever you are in your walk with Him. May you be blessed coming in and going out, may you be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, and may your cup overflow with His Goodness. That this year be full of joy unspeakable and that sorrow be far from you, may you be filled with hope, wonderful hope.
And when you speak His Name, that healing and salvation overtake you and those around you. May the word of your testimony and the Word that is in you shut down the works of the enemy everyday of this year.
As for us, we will return to Honduras on the 18th, which is a Friday. Our flight is at an odd time and when we arrive in Rio Viejo we will have been on the road for almost 24 hours straight. No worries though, He goes before us and He holds us in the hollow of His hand. This year there is much excitement, we will be hosting a number of groups that will be working throughout the countryside. To this end we hope to have the dormitory finished so that we could comfortably house the doctors, nurses, ministers, and youth in our new building.

This is the first floor of our dormitory building.

Also, sometime soon, we will be introducing a container-full of medical equipment and supplies and finally be stocking our rural hospital and expanding our coverage of the area. When the container arrives, we will have to move our family out of the in-patient part of the hospital building into the 2nd floor of the dormitory building. We are hoping that sometime soon after the dormitory is finished we can complete the construction of our house. Our first house here in Honduras. It will be right next to the dormitory, which is right next to the hospital building. So as you might have gathered we are putting together a complex. A complex that will have a block fence with its own diesel generator, water purification system; a hospital which we hope will have laboratory, X-ray, dental, pharmacy and state-of-the-art records facilities, with a dormitory building big enough to house groups (medical brigades) of up to 20 people on a short-term basis and 2-3 small families (doctors, nurses and their families doing tour of duty visits) for mid- to long-term stays. Our house, once it is finished, will be the first building completely assigned to us, our family, for the first time in our 13 year tenure in missions. We started in October of 1994!

This year we will be implementing those objectives that we have been planning for years. Up to now, they have been lofty ideas on paper, and to a lesser extent, we have been putting to practice some of these ideas, but this year we will be developing and whole-heatedly realizing the dreams God has placed in our hearts, are you ready? Are we ready? Please pray that things go as good if not better than our wildest dreams…
But for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Martin & family    
p.s. why the title? I wrote this while I was at a Panera’s coffee house. I had a great time writing  and drinking coffee.

Here we are partying hard at Jesse and Jane’s house in Deland FL, joined by Jim and Brandy, Wendy’s youngest brother and his wife. We had a blast!

Here we are at the Amtrak rails saying Adios to my sister Nadia and her husband Michael Goodge. They live in Toronto Canada.