(copied from old blog. entry dated: 2/27/2008 11:58:00 AM)
Last week we had the awesome privilege of hosting a team from Life Church International of the AtlantaGA area.  They came to begin the construction of a home for our family and all 21 of them were so enthusiastic about being here!   Though it was hard to be more enthusiastic than we were, since we were finally seeing a long time dream becoming a reality… our very own house!  They jumped right into the work, even though the ground seemed to have more rocks than dirt!  It was not an easy job, but they did not complain, they just kept going, and going, AND GOING, the entire week.

        Digging the foundation for OUR HOUSE!!                           Pastor Jon preaching in Los Limpios, Martin translating

And in between the hard work, they ministered to our family, to the local village kids who came each day to hang out at the job-site, and to the group of believers who gathered around them in the church services at night.  It was truly a life changing experience for all involved.

Our week ended around a 3 hour hike to the village of Los Limpios, where the church was anxiously anticipating our arrival.  The hike there in the daylight seemed easy compared to the hike back in the dark and in the pouring rain, but it was truly a night we will never forget.  Our hike began with a water baptism in the river.  One of our group members dedicated her life to Jesus Christ and wanted to be baptized in Rio Viejo.  What an awesome privilege that was!  It was a first for us, but we hope not the last.  We just want to tell all of our new friends from Life Church and those who just tagged along with them that we will never forget you – you were such an incredible blessing to our family!  Thanks for coming and you are so very welcome to come again!

Entry per Dr. & Wendy Williams