Medical Outreach in San Pedro Sula

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 3/12/2008 4:10:00 PM)
We had the incredible blessing of working last week with a medical team from Bay Community Church with Pastor Jerry Taylor of Daphne, Alabama.

     Pastor Jerry & Jerri Taylor of Bay Community Church             Wyly & Candy Gammon – Missionaries to Children

It was an awesome week spent with old friends and new friends, and an opportunity to minister to hundreds of children and adults who were in desperate need of health-care and the love of Christ.  We want to thank our fellow missionaries and friends Wyly & Candy Gammon ( for allowing us to work alongside their team and enjoy their wonderful hospitality in San Pedro Sula.  Your heart for the children of Honduras is inspiring.  It was a week our family will never forget!

We spent several days working in the “bordo”, the poorest section of the city of San Pedro Sula.  A place on the banks of the river downtown where shacks are built one on top of the other; people with no place else to go,  kids living day to day in a very hopeless situation.  But in the midst of this hopelessness, God has built up an incredible ministry and church family.  We were honored to attend a Sunday morning children’s service, an evening service filled with joy & worship, and then serve the people of the community for two days seeing around 500 patients.  Martin worked as one of the doctors and the kids and I served as translators.  We were all blessed to be a part of helping such an under-served group of people.  The Bay Community team members served with such enthusiasm, sharing all that they had, praying for each and every person that came to see them.  There were several who accepted Christ as Savior during the week, what an incredible experience it was for all those around!

                Dr. Martin seeing patients from the “Bordo”                      Samuel translating for team member, Ben

We spent another two days in outlying villages close to the city serving at local churches.  Each day while hundreds of patients lined up, several of the men on the team prepared meals for the people who had come to see the doctors.   I’ve never seen such a huge pot of “chicken & rice” in my life.  And how they made it taste so good in such large quantities is certainly beyond this cooks abilities!    In short, they came to “serve”, and serve they did.  Our family was so blessed to be amongst them.  Our spirits were lifted, just seeing them in action.  Not only did they bless the hundreds of patients they gave medical care to, or the hundreds they fed, but they blessed our family of four more than we can ever express.    Thank you for giving of yourselves and for sharing the love of Christ with each person you served in Honduras.

Thank you Pastor Jerry & Jerri for having such a  heart  for both missions and  missionaries.

WE LOVE YOU ALL! or should I say “we love Y’all”….