The Jungle Hospital

In November of 2007, the Dyer Rural Hospital was dedicated and finally opened its doors to serve the people of the Cangrejal River Cove. Our reputation as a primary care facility has grown so that all the surrounding villages have been visited by medical and educational teams and are now aware of our services.

Since the opening of the hospital our facilities have grown to include a dormitory to host visiting teams and practitioners, mid-term volunteer and intern housing, and a home for our family. We dedicated the Wunstel Ward, which includes an operating theater and a 7-bed pre/post-op area, in April 2013. We are  currently seeking certification to open the Labor & Delivery and Wunstel Wards of the Jungle Hospital, as we continue to provide out-patient services to our surrounding communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide comprehensive medical, dental and spiritual care to the people of Northern Honduras. The Jungle Hospital’s geographical focus is the mountainous region known as La Cuenca Cangrejal, the Cangrejal Cove. This covers over 1,000 sq miles of jungle just south of La Ceiba, and is home to over 15,000 villagers. The Jungle Hospital in the village of Rio Viejo, is implementing the comprehensive health care model developed by Healing Hands Global.

This health care model includes community and hospital based initiatives. Community based initiatives include medical and dental brigades in outlying villages, dietary and hygiene education in local schools, as well as community development projects. Hospital components include current inpatient and outpatient healthcare, women’s health, a future labor & delivery ward, along with programmed surgeries, and diagnostic as well as emergency services.

The uniqueness of our approach is that it includes preventative as well as therapeutic measures. Our holistic philosophy ushers us into the village setting and even into their household where we become aware of their daily routines. This allows us to affect their quality of life through education. This close relationship also gives us the opportunity to share the most important message to humanity, the gift of Christ.

To bring health, hope and healing to people of the Third World.“Run to the Battle.”
- 1 Samuel 17:48
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