Welcome New Interns!

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 11/20/2008 8:05:00 PM)

Our first H.H.I.M. interns are finally in Rio Viejo!  We want to welcome Heather Stewart & Allison Ippel  to Honduras.


          Allison & Heather sending home emails to friends & family                                  They came ready to learn and ready to work!

We can’t wait for all of you to meet them, what incredible young ladies they are.  They have jumped right in and are a perfect fit in every way.   We can hardly believe how much we’ve gotten done in just a few short days.   They are both working in the hospital with the patients and the pharmacy and organizing things in their spare time.  At night we work on the computers together getting our groups lined up and planning.   IT’S SO AMAZING!    They are currently living in our little house in the village while we make some improvements to a house that joins the hospital property.  Hopefully they will soon they  be our neighbors living just 30 feet from our house!  What a blessing they have been already, we can hardly imagine life without them.  Heather is from Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a registered dietitian.  She is an LSU alumni, a recent graduate of Healing Place School of MInistry and serving a 10 month internship with us through Go Global Missions.   Allison is from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of Wheaton College.  She has already been accepted to Medical school for the Fall of 2009.  She will be working with us for 7 months as a medical intern.


              Helping to remove three fatty tumors from this patient’s arm.          Allison helps with an emergency machete cut on her first day!

We want to officially welcome them to Healing Hands International Ministries in Honduras.  We pray God blesses their months here and uses it as a time of growth filled with life-changing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime!