An Old Friend Brings New Water

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 5/5/2009 12:20:24 PM)

             Martin and Tony at the Canadian Hotel.                                     Sam, Tony and Martin at work on the water system.

In April we had the pleasure of visiting with an old friend, Tony Nucaro. He came to spend Easter week with us while our Canadian group went to Copan to tour the ancient Mayan ruins. While he was here he wowed us with his culinary skills and we ate, ate and ate some more. Of course we did a little bit of work too 

While Tony was with us he and Sam worked tirelessly to install a water purification system for the hospital and the dorm. He also installed a coarse filter system for the whole property. The coarse fitler catches all of the dirt and leaves and the purification system uses UV light to kill the bacteria in the water. Now we have a sourse of clean water right here at the medical complex.
What an incredible week! We worked hard and played hard…a perfect combination. Thank you so much Tony, we miss you already!