Breaking ground with Pat and Leslie Warren

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 9/11/2007 8:45:00 PM)
We are so glad to have from Fayetteville, TN Pat and Leslie Warren. They will be here until the inauguration of our Health Centre, in November. They only needed a couple of days to orient themselves and then they hit the ground running.

Leslie and Pat and I on site where our new Dormitory is 
being built

This structure will serve to house the many visitors that we anticipate coming to work, minister and/or visit us here in Rio Viejo, Honduras. It will be a two-story building with a kitchen, large eating area, and 2 large dorm rooms with capacity for up to 20 people and 3 guest rooms and an open porch/meeting area on the second floor. The first $5,000 has come from  Mark & Joy Bonam of F.A.Y.E. Ministries in Toronto, Canada.  They are currently serving in Great Britain, but have not lost their love for the children of Honduras.    As soon as the funds were received we began construction on September 5th. We hardly had a chance to recover from Hurricane Felix and once the dark clouds had rolled away we started with the shovels. We are so excited!

Pat has been helping Wendy in the many different chores and duties around the “house” which for now is and has been the medical centre. They are currently helping to set up the pharmacy and keep the work crew with supplies on hand, not to mention home-school Samuel & Rachel.  Leslie has been busy doing all kinds of construction-type  work. This guy is phenomenal, he can do it all. He is abone fide mechanic, wood-worker, screen over the doors, metal worker, welder and I mean etcetera, etc. We are so glad to have both of them, they are so incredible. The reason why we are so awe-struck to have them is because Wendy and I are so overwhelmed at what God is doing around us. We find ourselves weary and their involvement is indispensable.  It is amazing how an extra set (or two) of hands can make such a difference!

Rejoice with us as we begin Phase I of the new dormitory in Rio Viejo!