Blessings from Bay Community

(copied from old blog. entry dated: 5/3/2008 5:08:00 PM)
Hello from a sunny and warm Rio Viejo!

We had the most wonderful month of weather in April and the blessings to go along with it.  Last month  we had three visitors from Bay Community Church of Daphne, Alabama who came to help out with the construction of the dormitory.  It was absolutely amazing how much work these three guys did in just five days!  They did all of the electrical wiring on the first floor of the dormitory and built huge storage cabinets,  for the kitchen, dining room and linen/towel storage.  And as if that was not enough for them, they also built cabinets for the dental room in the hospital.    During their free time they did things like pour two concrete ramps for the front porch of the hospital, install ceiling fans and shower-head heaters, they even hung up a window blind for me in the living room!  These guys came ready and willing to WORK!  They were so much fun to hang out with on top of all of it. We laughed until our sides ached!  We just want to thank Dave, Lightning-Dave, and Wesley for their huge contribution to our work here.  It encourages us so much when folks come to help us out.  We would love to have you back again as soon as you are ready– What a blessing you were to our family and our ministry!

 Dave Daniels, Martin, Wesley Bowen, and Dave Sharpless                             Rachel “glue-girl” Williams, hard at work!

While the three guys were here with us, Samuel was in San Pedro Sula with Pastor Jerry Taylor and a group of 24 youth from his church.   Samuel was helping to translate and paint a church building in the bordo, not to mention getting to hang out with some really cool young people and adults.  He said it was  trip he will never forget and he can’t wait to visit the States in the fall, especially Alabama!

A big thank you from all of us to all of you at Bay Community Church!  What an awesome blessing!

      Who worked the hardest?  ALL OF THEM!                                           Wesley supervising the ramp project… ha/