Here at last…Our 2nd container!!!

This morning at 7am, we received great news…our long awaited container from Bay Community Church in Daphne, AL was on its way up the road to our front door! Little did we know that it would be a 12 hour adventure before the container was safely on the ground and all packed up for the night.
Less than a mile from the hospital, the truck found an extra steep, extra muddy, and extra slippery incline that he couldn’t overcome on his own. But God answered our prayers and sent help in the form of a dump truck from La Ceiba. So not only did we get the container pulled up the mountain, but we got a free load of gravel to use for the floor in our home!!
We had an incredible turn-out of volunteers from Rio Viejo and the surrounding villages lend a hand in the unloading process. It was awesome to see the hand of God move in so many different ways.
We feel like we are living Malachi 3:10! The windows of heaven have opened up over the hospital and we have run out of room to put it all!
Our incredible team worked hard at unloading, organizing, and separating the essentials from the nonessentials! Talk about thinking on your feet! To top it all off, we had Brandon and Evie West who brought an incredible energy level to the table and put their organizational skills to work!

Once the container was unloaded and pulled off of the 18-wheeler by the dump truck and about 15 guys, it was repacked with the supplies and equipment to be sorted as time allows. Now that the halls of the clinic are clear again and the porch is swept clean, we can hardly believe what we have seen in the past 12 hours. The hand of God moved so many times today that we know for sure His presence never left. He stood right by our sides, giving us wisdom and protection.

Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in getting this blessing to our front door…from the people who packed it Stateside to the people who repacked it on the mission field. May God bless you as abundantly as He knows how.