Painting Time…Rain or Shine

It feels as though we have been putting the finishing touches on our dormitory since we opened its doors in February of 2009. We have hung cabinets and curtain rods, installed sinks and faucets, painted the interior of the first floor and the second floor, picked out fabrics and plants. Even after all of these improvements, we were still lacking one very important thing…the outside of the building was the sad, gray color of raw stucco, and the mildew was threatening to cover the entire building from the bottom up.

Then, to our extreme delight, we had a group of guys come to our rescue. Pastor Jerry Taylor, Mr. Frank, Mr. Bob and Jeff from Bay Community Church sacrificed 4 days to come paint our buildings!

Armed with a paint sprayer and 4 suitcases chock full of brushes, rollers and masking tape…our heroes landed in Rio Viejo to find almost 100 gallons of paint & primer waiting for them!

We all joined in the effort to paint the 3 unfinished buildings on the HHGlobal campus: the dorm, the Williams’ House and the Caseta (snack shack). The next 4 days were consumed with tape and scaffolding, spraying, rolling and brushing, all against the clock…and against the weather!

We tested the team’s ability to multi-task as they completed our list of “Honey-Do’s” in-between rain showers. So despite the in-climate weather we were able to go the second mile!

Our Beautiful Dorm!

The Caseta
The Williams’ House with Primer
Thank you so much Pastor Jerry and Bay Community Church for getting the job done…rain or shine!