Where we have been, and where we are going…

A word from Martin G. Williams, MD:

Hey everybody, we pray that you are having a great 2011! We can’t help but feel optimistic that God will bless you, protect you, and provide for you. You have to agree, that this is the best time in the history of humanity to be serving God! Here we are in the jungle, keeping tabs of how wonderful God has been to us, and we have to tell you that 2010 was very active. Here are some of the highlights of 2010:


2010 Highlights

These are the short term missionaries who contributed:

  • 13 mission teams (medical, dental, optical, construction, education and administrative)
  • 11 visiting practitioners (medical, dental and optical)
  • 5 missions interns


These are the beneficiaries:

  • 2,206 students instructed in health and hygiene classes
  • 1,894 patients were seen at brigades in their communities
  • 1,100 patients were seen in the rural clinic of Las Minas
  • 1,599 patients were tended at the hospital in Rio Viejo


We were hosts to over 150 laborers who came to share the gospel in various ways, and expand the Kingdom of God. They used their God given talents to serve almost 7,000 of the least of these. These workers not only put hands and feet to the gospel, but they also brought the blessing of First World medicine for our Third World patients, supplies for community health classes, as well as funding and labor for construction advancements.



Accommodations and Other Improvements

To improve living area of the dorm, we added a roof over the existing cobblestone porch, and built a gazebo for hammocks, resulting in an addition of more than 1,100 square feet.



January – we received a container full of medical supplies. June – container was moved and organized. July – a roof was built by a small construction team. December – became medical storage and part of interior fencing.



For the first time in our missionary tenure we were able to move into our own home. We moved-in in July, and the house was finished in September.

Our last challenge of 2010 was the construction of the perimeter wall behind the hospital, which was completed just before Christmas.



Future Endeavors

At the top of our agenda for 2011, is the construction of an OR/Recovery ward, and long-term volunteer housing. The first one is an 800 sq ft building, with a third devoted to the surgical theater and the remainder for an eight bed recovery ward. The second is a two story building, with four efficiency apartments meant to house long-term volunteers and missions interns. The Volunteer housing is first priority, and we are actively seeking funding for this $70,000 project; as soon as we receive our first contribution we will break ground.



Expanding Our Area of Influence

This is the start of our fourth year as a primary healthcare facility. God has given us favor and experience in dealing with an ever increasing patient load, but more importantly in dealing with the local healthcare leaders. This favor that we’ve gained, we’ve discovered is a valuable asset. God is leading us to use our relationships to become part of a network in which we direct other medical ministries. We are defining guidelines, protocols, and showing them how to integrate with the Honduran medical system, very much like we have been able to do with our hospital. We are learning the importance of partnerships and networking; the most benefited, we pray, would be the Honduran people.



In anticipation of God’s faithfulness, we are extending an invitation for volunteers that would come to help in any one of these venues. We are looking forward to partnering with you in 2011, and in sharing the victories that God will most assuredly give to us, according to Ephesians 2:10.

Martin G. Williams, MD

Jungle Hospital


Here is a video giving God the glory for the things He has done at the HHG Campus in 2010!

Celebrate with us by watching this amazing video!