Dyer Rural Hospital Dedication Day

On January 30th, we invited our Board of Directors and good friend Vim Head down to Honduras to help us prepare and host the celebration and dedication of our Labor & Delivery ward and the Surgery/Recovery ward. During the days before the dedication, they helped us with projects around the hospital, such as hanging Plexiglas and signs describing the history behind the ward names, in order to prepare for the ceremonious day. The Labor & Delivery ward was named in honor of Nellie Walker, the great aunt of Rodney & Beth Bryant, a woman who lived her life serving others and being a quiet witness of the love of Christ to all who crossed her path. The O.R./Recovery ward was named in honor of Pete & Paulette Wunstel of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA.  They have been a part of ministry in Honduras since the early days when Jack & Shirley Dyer came to Honduras over 40 years ago.  What a blessing they have always been to our family and to their church.  Such dedicated servants of God!


February 4th was the official date of dedication for both wards. Besides the ministries that serve in our same Cuenca Cangrejal, we had many other special attendees from Honduras and the U.S. to our celebration. Dr. Diaz-Solano, Dr. Martin’s mentor and past medical school instructor, came and spoke at the dedication, detailing history of both the hospital and Dr. Martin. Also attending was an honored Honduran medic, Dr. Arzu, the Director of Health over the entire department of Atlantida who has become one our friends over the past several years.

At the dedication, Dr. Solano and Joe LeBlanc spoke, along with Dr. Martin to fill out a detailed history and purpose behind the wards and the joy we feel at reaching this tremendous milestone in our ministry. After dedicating and opening the outpatient clinic 2009, we had no idea how much work and faith would go into the in-patient portion of this hospital. There was no way for us to have foreseen how much would go into the opening of this section of the hospital, but we thank God and give Him the glory for all the favor we have received up to this point in allowing this wonderful blessing to fall on our ministry. We are so glad for the support and prayer we have received which has supported our faith in believing that God would provide all that we needed to reach this day on February 4th, celebrating the dedication of our labor and delivery ward and operating ward.


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