Healing Place Church 2016


Our first team of the official summer season, Healing Place Church stayed from May 28-June 4th. The summer interns were finally arrived and ready to help us host this team from a church known for its wholehearted service. Saturday travel and Sunday preparations set up our week for a schedule full of medical brigades. A special treat on Sunday was our drive down to El Naranjo to attend church on Healing Place Church–or Lugar de Sanidad–campus there which the team loved participating in. On Monday, we had medical consult at the clinic in Rio Viejo which served as a bit of a practice run, to get us accustomed to working together and becoming a cohesive team. By the next day, we were ready to tackle more. We traveled to Urraco and had our medical brigade hosted at the GiveHope2Kids campus there, using their basketball court as our open-air hospital for the day. On Wednesday, we visited El Naranjo and were welcomed to host our brigade at the Healing Place Church campus located in the village. The team was thrilled to be on the campus all day, encouraging Pastor Derek and seeing some of the fruits of his ministry. The last day of medical brigades was held in Los Limpios, which is about a two hour hike away from Rio Viejo, but one of the summer’s favorite hikes known for its stunning views of the mountain scenery.
In total, we saw 353 patients at our medical brigades. A special feature of this team was the inclusion of our summer’s only dentist who visited for the first time with her teenage daughter. This church has a true passion to serve and a special place in their heart for Honduras and we have loved serving and ministering with them for all the years that they have kept returning!

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