Loxley COG/ Loxley First Baptist

With Loxley First Baptist and Loxley Church of God united, we had this fun education team from July 8-July 15. Arriving and departing on Friday instead of Saturday made the schedule slightly different, but Loxley came with preparation and drive that overcame any such schedule inconvenience. Traveling Friday and practicing skits on Saturday launched us into a busy week. On Sunday, we went down to the Rio Viejo school and finished some painting renovations that we had started working on with our previous team. Loxley has plenty of experience with painting and easily finished their project with time to spare for some river relaxation. Monday took us to El Naranjo and Las Mangas schools where we performed for the first time with dramas and skits which are this team’s specialty. Tuesday included some heavy rains, which kept us from Plan A to visit Los Limpios, instead having us hike to Nueva Suyapa for a surprise visit full of games and shows which the kids loved. Wednesday was our most full day in the village of El Pital, where we visited the elementary and high school in that village. This team has returned to that high school, having a heart for the kids in the public school and making sure to prepare skits and dramas especially for an older teen audience. That same day, we also led a special chapel in Instituto El Rey in Rio Viejo for the teenagers attending the only Christian high school in the area.


In every visit, we shared the Gospel that was prepared and taught by the team leader Scott McLeod in which he used a soccer ball for his metaphor for salvation. In a culture obsessed with the sport, his metaphor was perfectly crafted as it captured the kids’ attention fully. Loxley team always brings so much thought into their skits and speeches prepared months in advance and we loved serving with people who minister to the people of Honduras so passionately!


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