OLOL Residency Partnership

September of last year, we had representatives from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital come and evaluate our hospital to make sure that we had their complete approval for their coming residents in the spring. After a thorough scan of the buildings and the wards that would be opening soon, we had their willing acceptance and we eagerly began making plans to have fresh residents working with us soon! Making this residency partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Hospital was monumental and we cannot express our full joy and gratitude for this opportunity we’ve been given.


In April, Dr. Kent Willis and Dr. Alma Cruz visited us, soon joined by Dr. Wood and Dr. Diana Hamer the second week of their three week stay. Dr. Wood taught our present staff several techniques from the program “Helping Babies Breathe.” Dr. Diana Hamer discussed the possibility of research projects starting in 2016. We eagerly expect four residents from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital this coming year in the spring for one month. Next year will prove very exciting as we see our dream manifest of using our hospital as a teaching ground for future doctors in the Third World.


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During this time, Dr. Varner and Dr. Emily Womack came from University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital. We hope to continue a relationship with them and discuss the possibility of a future partnership similar to that which we share now with Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.


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