HPC Roof-Mania 2011

A construction team from Healing Place Church, in Baton Rouge, LA arrived the Monday after Easter. They came for 4 days of working frenzy. Their mission – to put a roof on top of the hospital courtyard creating an atrium where patients will wait for medical and dental services, and where HHGlobal Staff will teach educational classes to the community.


100_0323-300x225     SAM_0104-300x225


The finished atrium/classroom!

The group also put a roof on our newly built generator house. Our friend, Tony Austin from the Church in St. Amant, returned to help with the roofing projects, and put the finishing electrical touches to our diesel generator! Now the hospital has power even when the village doesn’t. Talk about being a light in the darkness!

SAM_0031-300x225     SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA     geni-team-150x150

The Generator Team

These guys not only worked hard, but they prayed hard as well. Every night they gathered together to storm the heavens on our behalf. This team was an incredible boost to our spirits, and did an amazing amount of work while they were here.

One of the team, Shawn Rougon, even stayed on for an extra week so he could help our intern, Mark Younger, install the roof on the ministry vehicle carport…and help with various other projects while preparing to receive our next team. Shawn, a former medic, will also join the HPC medical team that arrives on May 7th before returning home with them.

Shawn-150x150 scorpion

Shawn has gone native while serving an extra week with HHGlobal, here is the carport roof he helped make happen!

It has been an exciting few weeks around here as we receive teams, and prepare for the ones yet to come. God is pouring out his blessings on us, and we continue to move forward with our mission to bring health, hope and healing to the people of Rural Honduras.

A BIG Thank You to HPC!