Fertile Soil…

(copied from the old blog. entry dated: 8/16/2006 2:37:00 PM)
Hello from us all!  Life continues to speed by in the peaceful setting of Rio Viejo.  I can´t believe it´s time to start home-schooling already.  The kids are ready, but I´m not sure that their teacher is.   The entire summer break has been spent packing, moving and then unpacking.  We´re not completely organized yet, but we have made quite a dent in the list of things to do.  It´s more of a chore than I realized trying to keep a 7,000 sq. ft. building clean up in the mountains.  I don´t  think I´ve ever had the entire thing clean all at once.  We work in stages and rotate the work, so one day the front may be clean and a few days later the back.  I long for the day when I can sit and admire it all clean on the same day…  Oh, a woman can dream, can´t she?

You´ll never guess what I discovered the other day under the kitchen sink!  A neighbor had brought me some fresh beans and apparently one of them had fallen under the sink.  Well, on our first day in the clinic we had to bust one of the floor tiles out because the kitchen sink was clogged and we discovered that cement had fallen into the tube.  So now we just have dirt where a piece of tile used to be.  Would you believe that a bean plant had started growing in the dirt?! ha-ha-  Martin has always said how fertile the soil in Rio Viejo is and now I am convinced as well.  That bean had sprouted and there was a four inch long plant growing right under our kitchen sink!  I bet not many people can say they have beans growing out of their kitchen floor.  Maybe I should plant tomatoes there too…. 

Martin continues with his long trek in and out of the village of Las Minas.  The rains make traveling a bit trecherous on a motorcycle.  But thanks to a long time friend and supporter from Jacksonville, Florida we now have the funds to replace the slick tires that have had him slipping and sliding in the mud.  He is thrilled and will have them shipped from San Pedro Sula this week.  We thought we may have enough to buy our first indoor sink and toilet, but of course other things have demanded immediate attention.  Martin had to leave today for Tegucigalpa to register and pay for this years tuition or he will not be able to graduate in December.  So we will have to rejoice over the indoor bathroom later. 

The kids have enjoyed the beauty of Rio Viejo and the fact that we have a beautiful river to swim in just minutes from the clinic.  They are swimming with friends who live in the village and work with an orphanage project underway in Rio Viejo.  It´s nice that they have friends who live so close by.  God provides for our every need!


We have friends visiting next weekend who are new missionaries living in San Pedro Sula.  She is a nurse and wants to help us with recruiting short term mission volunteers for the clinic.  She´ll be  bringing a nurse recruiter from the States to see us in September.  We look forward to visiting and brainstorming together.

The kids and I continue our weekly trips into the city and run around wildly trying to get all our errands done in a day.  We have our car up for sale and hope to be able to replace it with a small pickup truck that some departing missionaries are selling .  It´s a 1989 Ford Ranger and perfect for the kids and I to use around Rio Viejo and for up and down the mountain.  Help us pray that our cars sells for the price needed to buy the truck and that the timing would be perfect for all involved.

This past weekend we celebrated Martin´s birthday with a small family party and dinner.  We treated him like royalty all day and he got completely caught up in it.  He wanted it to continue the next day as well… ha-ha-

Well, I must run.  The errands continue and the clock is ticking at this internet café.  Please drop us a line and let us know you´re reading our emtries, it would be great to hear from you!

Much Love from the four of us!