Summer Fun 2022

Well that’s a wrap on an incredibly busy team’s season for the Jungle Hospital. This summer we were joined by one J-Team intern (Madison Grimstad from Montana) and a one-year intern (McKenzie “Macky” McLeod from Alabama). These girls hit the ground running by flying in on the same day as a construction team from City Hope Church from Malbis, Alabama. This team consisted of 16 members of the church – including Pastor Jerry Taylor – and two women from Minnesota who quickly found their place on the team and set the energy for the painting crew. Halfway through the week, the roofing crew came to the upsetting realization that they didn’t have enough screws to finish both roofs. After more than a few phone calls and a last-minute plane ticket, Tony Austin was on his way to Honduras- screws in tow. Despite the challenges he faced, Tony and the screws arrived the next day – unscathed. In just one week (and in spite of a few unexpected bumps in the road) this team was able to put a new roof on duplex number 1 as well as the William’s house and paint houses one, two, and three inside and out. The team celebrated their successes with a home-grilled feast of ribs prepared by the one and only Mr. Ronny!

We had a few very special guests come and volunteer during the summer months whose help was invaluable! First, we welcomed the Captain and his wife Mrs. Diane from New York. The Captain served as our own personal handy-man and Mrs. D helped us host teams and played with kids. A previous J-teamer named Erik Basler found his way back to the Jungle for a month this summer. He is preparing for the next steps in his life and wanted to further his medical experience before pursuing further education stateside. Since he had experience as a J-teamer, he was able to help substantially as we hosted the Lee University team. 

On May 31st we received a HUGE blessing from Samaritan’s Purse. By huge, I mean a 20-foot container filled to the brim with medical equipment and supplies! We cheered, danced, and laughed as the container was backed into our property and unloaded with help from our Honduran work crew. It seemed like the more we took out, the more there was to still unload. By the end, the waiting area of the hospital was filled to the brim with boxes and other items. It is such a blessing to be partnered with an organization as generous as Samaritan’s Purse.

A little over a week passed before we were preparing for the next team from Lee University. This group of students and medical providers successfully made it to the Jungle Hospital late into the evening of June 3rd. The very next day, the students spent time packing medications and preparing for the long days of brigade that would come in the next weeks. Monday we hosted a brigade at our hospital in Rio Viejo and walked out into villages to spread the news about the location of our brigades for the next two weeks. Tuesday we hosted a brigade in Toncontin. Wednesday began traveling out towards Nueva Florida where we would have the honor of hosting brigades for the next two days. Set up in the local clinic, we worked long hours to make sure every patient was taken care of. We celebrated our first week of brigade by eating pizza by the beach in Tela. The following Monday we again hosted clinic at our hospital in Rio Viejo. The next day we set out to hike to Los Limpios for brigade. We crossed through rivers up to our knees and sweated as the sun beamed down on us during this 4-mile hike but finally made it to the church that would be hosting us. Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time at Instituto El Rey – the high school across the street. Everyone had so much fun playing games in English with the students and eating lunch with them. We even got the opportunity at the end of the day to split off into classrooms and share our testimonies during their Bible classes. On Thursday we hosted our last day of brigade in Yaruca. Unfortunately, there was a threat of a storm and the team had to leave a day earlier than expected. However, they were such a fun team who kept us busy in all the best ways! 

On July 9th we welcomed a combination medical team from City Hope and Celebration Church. Monday, the teams rallied together to host our first brigade at our clinic in Rio Viejo. The next day, we hosted a brigade at the primary school in El Pital. There were so many children at this brigade and everyone had a fun time playing with soccer balls, coloring books, and stamps while our medical providers carefully examined each patient that was there for the day. We were blessed that a dental hygienist came with this team and was also able to clean teeth at all three of our brigades that were away from our hospital. She worked tirelessly, giving her full attention to person after person. Wednesday and Thursday were spent at Nueva Suyapa and El Paraiso where the team continued to bring health, hope, healing, and so much joy to each and every person they encountered. We finished up the week with a fun day filled with zip-lining and snorkeling.