Expansion Project

Here we go again! This coming February, we will begin a new expansion project here at the Jungle Hospital. Our objective is to build housing for potential long term volunteers and their families so that the Jungle Hospital Staff can grow and better meet the needs of our surrounding area.¬†Our current housing serves short term volunteers well, but doesn’t meet the needs of established families with children. We also need more housing for our rotating residents and PA students. This expansion project will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1: To meet immediate needs, we will construct a two-story building with two one-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units to accommodate single volunteers and families of varying sizes.

Phase two: Purchase neighboring land that will more than quadruple our current site, to allow for more family housing and hospital expansion.

We are excited about this new season, and looking forward to the ministry and staffing opportunities that it will bring to us.


Upstairs Apartments – Two Bedroom Floor Plan
Upstairs Apartment – 3D View
Upstairs Apartment – 3D View
Downstairs Apartment – One Bedroom Floor Plan







Land Photo Outlines
Yellow – Current Property; Blue – Desired Property